What happened to the trees? An update from the Maryland Legislative Session

Have you been writing postcards and emails to your legislators this Maryland General Assembly Session? Have you made last-minute phone calls asking for #MoreTreesPlease? Perhaps you joined us on the Butterfly Bus to ride to Annapolis and Rally Your Reps to improve the Forest Conservation Act? Thank you!But sadly, despite … Continue reading

Take Action: Tell MoCo Council to keep up the work on cleaning our streams!

Leaving a strong environmental legacy is something most of us want to do for the next generation.  For elected officials, that legacy can reach far over time and space. 2018 is the last year of the three-term administration of Montgomery County Executive Isiah “Ike” Leggett. For most of the past … Continue reading

Action Alert: More Trees, Please! Let’s work together to improve Maryland’s Forest Conservation Act

We love trees—they provide food and shelter for wildlife, filter pollution, provide cleaner air and cooler summer temperatures, increase property values, and reduce polluted runoff. But developers in Maryland are clearing forests at an unsustainable rate. Maryland’s Forest Conservation Act (FCA) is supposed to protect forests from overdevelopment. But the … Continue reading

Action Alert: More Trees Please! Volunteers Power Conservation Advocacy for Maryland Forests

A few weeks ago, I joined a handful of other volunteers for a meeting with ANS Conservation Director Eliza Cava and consultant Bruce Gilmore at ANS offices in Chevy Chase, MD.  The purpose of the meeting was to inspire a group of volunteers to act as “an ANS coordinating committee … Continue reading

Action Alert: Outer Beltway Bridge Threatens our Drinking Water Supply – UPDATE!

From Elyzabeth Earnley, ANS Member and Volunteer********************UPDATE.  Victory! On December 20, 2017, the regional Transportation Planning Board resoundingly voted in support of five initiatives to address long-term regional transportation needs: The outer beltway, including a new Potomac bridge crossing, was NOT one of the initiatives advanced. The five initiatives that … Continue reading

Action Alert: Comment on the Rock Creek Park Nature Center Complex Concept Plan by December 15

Here’s another opportunity for you to provide input to the National Park Service on the Concept Plan for redeveloping the Rock Creek Park Nature Center Complex. Several alternatives are being considered and earlier versions of the Plan were modified based on public input.Learn about the alternatives and submit your comments.The … Continue reading

Woodend Restoration Watch: Winter 2017 edition

Photo Credit Caroline Brewer

With long time Volunteer Program Manager Alison Pearce starting her new role as Director of Restoration, exciting things will start happening faster at Woodend Sanctuary. That’s why we’re unveiling our new recurring feature, Woodend Restoration Watch! Check back regularly to see what’s new and upcoming and our beautiful oasis within … Continue reading

Conservation Policy & Advocacy News Around the Region: Winter 2017 edition

MarylandMore Trees Please!: Maryland’s Forest Conservation Act is a wonderful law, but it has some pretty big loopholes that mean that when developers cut down trees in big tracts of intact forests, sometimes they only have to replant back ¼ as many as were lost (or less!). ANS will be … Continue reading

Spending the money to clean up water pollution: Part 2: Who pays?

This is part 2 of a two-part post discussing DC Water’s Clean Rivers Fee and water pollution charges in general. Part 1 was published yesterday.As I discussed in last week’s post, it has always been expensive to clean up water pollution, and it’s always required commitment, cooperation, and cash. That’s … Continue reading

Spending the money to clean up water pollution: Part 1: A long-running part of the DC region’s history

This is part 1 of a two-part post discussing DC Water’s Clean Rivers Fee and water pollution charges in general. Part 2 will be published tomorrow.Recent controversy about DC Water’s Clean Rivers Fee (Washington Post opinion piece, News 4 I-team investigation) had me thinking about what a long, hard battle … Continue reading